Remember outside? We used to love it there. In fact, we based our SS20 collection on our love for travel and exploration. But here we are, stuck at home, just like you. Also like you, we’re watching the snow melt away and the trees starting to bud and we’re imagining the day we can hit the road again. When that time comes, we want to be ready. Normally for our lookbook, we’d go somewhere cool –– the kind of spot you can daydream about going yourself –– but these aren’t normal times. Instead, we’re doing what everyone is doing and working with what we have, which in this case is our studio. Think of this like a re-introduction to Bon Vivant, I’m Jean-Mat and this is my wife Alex and these are the clothes we make

We spend a lot of time travelling which means we’re always looking for clothes that fit our needs and aesthetic. For us, travelling light is essential and having quality clothes that are versatile enough to go from a morning business meeting to an afternoon backpacking adventure is key. We believe less is more when quality surpasses quantity. 

The new SS20 collection was inspired by the colours, textures and tastes felt from our recent trips to India, Turkey, Chile and Morocco. Only using the highest quality natural Japanese fabrics ranging from Linen to Cotton and Merino Wool. Designed to be breathable, comfortable and practical. Made by some of the oldest and most specialized manufacturers in Canada. 


Text by Clay Sandhu

Photography by Jean-Mat Vincent