There are some songs that just stick with you. Sometimes it’s a classic, like an Otis Redding track, other times it’s a new Freddie Gibbs single — whether new or old, these songs just hit differently. Good music, like a fresh Oxford shirt or a pair of pants that fit just right, never goes out of style. Recently, we asked our friend, Montreal-based DJ and founder of Music Is My Sanctuary, LEXIS to create a playlist for us that embodies that timeless feel and to talk about what, for him, makes a great playlist.


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LEXIS - " Bon Vivant has been one of my favourite clothing brands for years. I hand-picked a selection of tracks across genres and eras that fits with their philosophy and vibe.”

" I view myself, first and foremost, as a music curator. The role of a curator is a safe-keeper, protector and champion of culture. For me, a great playlist — when done right — should have personality and a sense of storytelling."

" I don’t believe an algorithm can do any of those things very well. Yes, you may stumble upon a good suggestion from an algorithm but what’s lacking is depth, context and most of all — a bit of magic!"

" Even though I’m a record digger at heart, I embrace the big streaming platforms for easy consumption. That said, I always encourage listeners to go out and buy the music they truly fall in love with. Support artists and labels who release the incredible music that enriches our daily lives.

I think it’s so much better to discover a book, movie or any work of art through a fellow human."

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