We talk a lot about how our clothes are made and about the people who make them. We realized, however, that sometimes action speaks louder than words. With that in mind, we started what we hope to be an ongoing series of “how it’s made” videos that showcase the talented people who manufacture our clothes. For our first video, we offer a glimpse behind the scenes of how our Otis and Yvon pants are made and a look at how we wear the finished product out in the wild.

Get to know the Otis and Yvon pants:

Otis Pants

Proudly made in Québec using a highly versatile Japanese twill, the Otis is an exceptional option year-round. Featuring an elastic waistband and relaxed fit these pants are an everyday staple and are perfect for your next big adventure.

Located in Quebec, this manufacturer has been around since 1945. The team of roughly 70 employees specializes in making workwear. Naturally, they we're the perfect collaborator for our most technical and durable pants to date.

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Yvon Pants

Inspired by military garments, we’ve used the same specs in collaboration with our amazing Japanese fabrics to create our most practical pants to date.

For each one of our garments every aspect is considered and is specially made by the most experienced clothing manufacturers in the industry.