Holy Moleskin!

We're so excited to announce we've added a new fabric to the Gino collection. We kept the signature-tapered silhouette you know and love, only we bulked it up with the soft and sturdy feel of moleskin for your cold weather adventures.

So what’s the deal with moleskin, is it fur or what?

Moleskin is absolutely animal-free. This fustian fabric (meaning made from thick and durable twilled cloth) is actually 100% cotton. The name moleskin comes from the process of brushing and shearing the fabric in order to create a soft nap that feels similar to a moles fur. 



For a more tangible example, moleskin feels a lot like suede, only it doesn’t stretch and wrinkle while you wear it. Furthermore, it’s very easy to clean, it’s warm and naturally wind-resistant. Also, thanks to the thickness of the cotton and its tight weave, it’s an extremely durable material. 

The use of moleskin for clothing dates as far back as the Middle Ages, where French farmers used the material for its hard wearing durability, comfort and warmth. More recently, the material was used to make trousers and aprons for steelworkers wishing to protect themselves from splashes of molten metal and has even found itself worked into military uniforms.

Today, moleskin represents the perfect balance between a luxurious feel and hardworking, dependable material. It’s no wonder that moleskin has been a go-to material for hunters, explorers, and working men of all types for ages. Here at Bon Vivant, we believe in working with products that not only look and feel great, but that work hard and last long, which is why we love moleskin, and why we think you will too.