Alexis Vaillancourt

Home is where the art is

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. For Alexis Vaillancourt following in his parents footsteps as an artist while carving out his own path has been a delicate balance. An emerging artist in his own right, Alexis has been shaping practice since before he could hold a brush. We caught up with Alexis to discuss his creative process, following in the family business and growing up in an art studio.

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ALEXIS - "I work on many projects at the same time. What links everything together is the concept of creation in general and my artistic passion. I’m a visual artist — a painter, sculptor, woodworker, furniture designer and muralist."

"Ultimately, my goal in creation and art is to make work that reflects my values and inspires people. I hope that my work is unselfish and can offer something more."

"I’ve always had access to a big art studio. It wasn’t conventional like most art studios — my dad’s backyard was literally a junkyard. I was always surrounded by a lot of material; it gave me the freedom to do anything I wanted to do as a kid."

"I never thought about what toy I wanted — when I had an idea, I invented it or built it myself. It’s a reflex that I developed when I was really young and it’s still important to my practice today. That’s why I’m a woodworker even though I never trained in it."

Of course, the creative freedom I had as a kid was beneficial to my path as an artist. It’s probably the reason — well, it is the reason — that I’m an artist today.

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